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Prospérer par la pierre


Swissroc is a real estate firm that was born out of a shared passion for investing in property. The founders believe in the beauty, the pride and the satisfaction of a job well done.

What We Created.


Dynamic and efficient in the services they offer, Swissroc wanted to ensure their bold approach was at the heart of their identity.


Using a direct tone of voice, their services were captured simply and effectively. No flashy lights, but rather a focus on what they do best.

Social Medias

We helped Swissroc extend their identity to social media, sharing their professional opinion and insights into the market.


As a strategic advisor and true coordinator, Cornelius take charge of all Swissroc's communication, marketing and press relation operations.

In a fast pasted and evolving environment, we analyze, structure and develop Swissroc’ new activities, subsidiaries and acquisitions. Cornelius leverage his expertise in communication and corporate strategy to amplify the company’ growth.