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Building platforms.
Telling Stories.

What we do.

We are Cornelius.

Cornelius is a digital agency and consulting firm that specializes in building bridges between brands and modern consumers. We identify growth and innovation engines to create powerful platforms and content.

Moving Businesses Forward.

Holistic Responsibilities.

We are well versed in delivering digital technologies and count on an extensive network to atone for any of our immediate shortcomings. We are all about streamlining processes and finding versatile solutions that serve a clear purpose and common goal. Nothing is impossible.

Cost-effective Solutions.

We minimize our costs in-house to pass on the savings to those we serve. We hone in on opportunities that make financial sense and deliver the best return on investment. And we don’t take shortcuts along the way. Quality matters.

Modern Thinking.

Don’t underestimate our youthfulness. We may only be a startup, but we use our millennial philosophy and passion to our advantage. It’s what allows us to connect on an intimate level with our partners and take a fresh approach to long-standing challenges.

Crafted Narratives.

We design objective-driven stories and experiences that come to life through branding, video, and digital media. We take the time needed to unravel and understand our partners, capturing what makes their journeys unique and where they strive.

What makes Cornelius special.

Its ability to create unexpected encounters, to provoke cultural dialogue and to bring together individuals whose paths would have never crossed to collaborate. To create positive and lasting experiences. To imagine new perspectives. To deeply connect brands in a consumer approach.

Let's team up to create your next project

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